LovEarth Mats

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LovEarth boasts 4 beautiful mats – standard 4mm and 2mm travel mat, natural and non-dyed or dyed  with Binchotan charcoal.

Both mats are made from tree rubber and jute woven into a durable platform to support your yoga practice.  With no chemical dyes , they are safe to be laid to rest in your compost when the time comes! They can come with an organic cotton carry bag in white or grey adjustable strap and toggle.  The price point supports the transition to an eco alternative for yoga practitioners away from PVC, TPE and other petroleum derived options. Put more yoga in your yoga practice.

LovEarth supports a program throughout Australia of redistribution of pre-loved mats to karma classes and projects.  Studios and individuals are invited to donate their mats to this project rather than send their old mats to landfill.  To date over 4000 mats have been distributed to close to 40 deserving causes such as animal shelters, classes for people going through cancer,  free kids classes, mental illness week and for ‘living rough ‘ kits .