Free Girls Yoga



FREE GIRLS YOGA is a movement to uplift and empowerment of our teen girls! It unites girls through the practice of yoga in a common goal to live life to its greatest potential as healthy, inspired, self empowered individuals and members of society.

FREE GIRLS YOGA is a not-for-profit organisation that offers free yoga classes to girls in high schools. We have trained, experienced volunteer women yoga teachers who offer their skills to teach FREE GIRLS YOGA classes in their local area.

This yoga education program is designed to powerfully enhance the health and overall well being of our girls as they transition through the most crucial and often emotionally and physically challenging stage of development- the teenage years. 

FREE GIRLS YOGA directly addresses and works to alleviate the stresses and anxiety that teen girls go through with their changing bodies, body image issues, changing identities, emotional highs and lows, schoolwork pressure and relationship dealings through the practice of yoga postures, breathing exercises and contemplation techniques.

Through the practice of yoga girls have the ability to awaken their experience of their radiant health of body, emotions and mind, freeing them from limited and negative habits and concepts of the self, hence gaining greater self-acceptance and psychological wholeness that will allow them to live a fulfilling, purposeful, joyful, empowered life.

FREE GIRLS YOGA offers the methods needed to empower girls completely, to make the freedom of our girl’s minds, bodies and hearts a reality. To set the strong foundation for health and happiness throughout life.

More information about Free Girls Yoga can be found here