Anahata Healing


Anahata Healing is an initiative that facilitates access to yoga for those who have been affected by cancer in order to promote healing and well being.

Research has shown that a regular yoga and meditation practice can have an amazing impact on the well being of those people affected by cancer. This includes those who have been diagnosed, those undergoing treatment, those coming out the other side of treatment and of course family members and carers.

Yoga can help combat stress and anxiety, it can also help in gently building physical strength and an overall sense of wellbeing and self confidence.

When someone registers to become a member of the Anahata Healing community, we will find a teacher or studio that best meets their needs and the studios offering – so you will never be inundated with requests or contacted directly.

How does it work?

For those who have been affected by cancer, they simply need to fill out a simple form on our website and tell us a little about their situation. All information provided is strictly confidential between them, us and their chosen studio or yoga teacher.

We will then provide them with an Anahata Healing membership number and match them with the teacher or studio that best meets their yoga requirements. Your yoga mat will be offered to them to encourage their practice.

More information about Anahata Healing can be found here