Wynn Farm Ecological Reserve Haiti



The Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve is dedicated to environmental protection through education. Their goal is to preserve nature and teach that we all have the power to heal the Earth. We provide yoga mats to the Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve to put to good use in their outdoor yoga program.

The Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve is situated in the mountains of Kenscoff, Haiti at an altitude of 6000 ft, on 30 acres of land. When it was created by Victor A. Wynne, it was known as the Wynne Farm and the goal was to teach soil management through conservation methods. The ground water naturally stored under the earth feeds the springs of the village of Kenscoff, providing water to the community.

Today, in order to preserve this much needed green area, it is known as the Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve. The reserve is supported by yields from the horticultural farm, fees paid by visitors, seminars on environmental education and donations.

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